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The three agencies have agreed on five initial districts for coordinated programming and joint resilience analysis, with the aim of significantly scaling-up the approach over the next three years and beyond. These districts are: (i) Doolow, which is located in the Gedo region; (ii) Bossaso and (III) Iskushuban, which are located in the Bari region; and (iv) Burco and (v) Owdweyne, which are located in the Togdheer region.


The five districts represent a variety of livelihood zones, including pastoralist, agropastoralist, riverine, coastal and urban, as well as internally displaced persons (IDPs). This livelihood variation allows the partner agencies to identify opportunities for varying forms of engagement. For more information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section.


The three agencies have published a public version of their activity database.  Below is an interactive map of all the Joint Resilience Strategy activity information, as well as a table data on all activities in the five districts.  This application is call LiveMap. To access basic instruction on the LiveMap application, please click here.

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